Current Clinical Trials

Patient-driven, precision medicine to meet pressing needs.


At Kinnate, we are driven to develop the next generation of cancer medicines designed to provide durable and meaningful benefit to patients with difficult-to-treat, genomically defined cancers, such as lung cancer and melanoma.

We understand that #PatientsAreWaiting—that a cancer diagnosis often means searching for “what’s next.” By applying a proven cancer-fighting approach in new ways, we are striving to develop what’s next.

We are currently focusing on three patient populations:

  1. Those with cancers that harbor known oncogenic drivers with no currently available targeted therapies;
  2. Those with genomically well-characterized tumors that have intrinsic resistance to available treatments; and,
  3. Those whose tumors have acquired a resistance over the course of therapy to currently available treatments.

Our current clinical trials are listed below. If you have questions or have interest in participating in our clinical trials, please email us.

KN-8701 Trial (KIN-2787)

We are currently evaluating the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics (PK), and preliminary efficacy of KIN-2787 in adults with Class I, Class II, or Class III BRAF-mutated advanced or metastatic solid tumors, and NRAS-mutated melanoma. KN-8701 is a multi-center, open-label, two-part trial of approximately 155 patients.

The dose-escalation portion (Part A) of the trial will determine the recommended dose and schedule of KIN-2787 for further evaluation in patients with BRAF-mutated solid tumors or NRAS-mutated melanoma. In Part A1, KIN-2787 will be administered as a single agent. In Part A2, KIN-2787 will be administered in combination with binimetinib, a mitogen-activated protein kinase (MEK) inhibitor 

The dose-expansion phase (Part B) will assess the safety and efficacy of KIN-2787 at the recommended dose and schedule in patients with cancers that contain BRAF Class II or III mutations, including lung cancer, melanoma, and other selected solid tumors.

At Kinnate, we believe that a patient-centered approach is essential to expanding the reach of targeted oncology therapeutics for difficult-to-treat, genomically defined cancers. Each and every volunteer in our clinical studies plays an essential role in support of our mission to advance precision cancer medicines, and we are deeply grateful for their participation.

Richard Williams, MBBS, PhD
Chief Medical Officer, Kinnate

Interested in participating in our clinical trials? Have questions? Please contact our team. 

Every cancer has weak spots. We design therapies that take advantage of them.